Skypods from New Vision Windows have great aesthetic appeal and are energy efficient

SkyPods. Pitched PVC-U Skylights in Retford

Our Skypods, skylights / roof lanterns are now available in range of sizes and styles to suit flat roof extensions, orangeries and garage conversions. Skypod roof lanterns allow natural light to flood into your living space. Skypod Roof Lanterns are designed to create a contemporary feature that will enhance your lifestyle and add value to your property. The frames are available in a range of colours. The choice of glazing colour is a matter of personal preference.

Pitched PVC-U Skylights and Skypods in Retford

SkyPods, Ceiling Windows and Roof Lanterns available from New Vision Windows


If you prefer to have full control over the type of light let into the room, you can select a coloured glass from the options below…

Perfect Day Super Clear: No colour, honest representation of outside light. U value 1.2u.

Perfect Day Super Blue: A blue tint to emulate a blue sky. Creates a brighter light that can cheer up grey days. U value 1.2u.

Perfect Day Super Bronze: Creates a warm soft light. As per the blue option, this filters light to brighten up dull days. The bronze colour provides a warmer tone than Super Blue a cool blue. U value 1.2u.

Perfect Day Super Natural: This glazing colour has a slight filter to soften what sometimes can be harsh outside light. There is no obvious colouring effect. U value 1.2u.

Perfect Day Super Blue 4s: This colour is the same as the Super Blue to emulate a blue sky, but this option has an improved U value of 1u.


With styles to suit every home, a flat roof makeover with a Skypod has many benefits:

Energy Efficient: Exceptional glazing U values* which helps minimise heat loss and will reduce costs in heating bills.

Sleek Design: Large glass areas and options with no side rafters for you to enjoy unimpeded views with a simple style to suit any interior.

Peace of Mind: A 10-year guarantee as standard and great value when compared to expensive aluminium alternatives.

Intelligent Glazing: Glass developed to reflect light and retain heat results in rooms that are cool in summer and warm in winter. All Skypod skylights are made from toughened, self-cleaning, glass as standard.

Extensive Range: Available in both 2 bar and 3 bar styles these lantern roofs are the ideal, easy to fit alternative to traditional roof windows or rooflights. In sizes from 1m to 4m there’s a size to suit any home project. Every Skypod Roof Lantern is custom built for your home. Discover the perfect combination for your project.

Easy to Install: With a Skypod system installation is simple. The clever design means no awkward angles are required and pre-drilled holes allow for a quickly installed and watertight skylight.

U Value

When selecting your Skypod roof lantern glazing, you need to select a U Value. A U value is a thermal efficiently rating. The U value number quantifies the rate of heat transfer through a building material such as a roof, wall or window.

For Example
If a wall has a U value of 1, for every degree of air temperature difference from inside the wall to outside the wall, 1 watt of heat would pass through any square metre (m2). For glazing, building regulations require the U Value to be between 1.6 to 1.4.

The Skypod roof lantern glazing does better than the required standard with a choice of U values between 1 to 1.2.

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